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Imagine having a business strategy that aligns with your values and helps you grow your business + impact…

and is inclusive of your entire community WITHOUT using manipulative or exclusionary tactics to reel them in.
Build an accessible business
Lead with purpose
Impact more lives

Let me guess…

You have some clients, you’re making some sales…you’ve been around the (online business) block. Which is also exactly how you know we’re in the middle of a massive market change right now. 
You’ve seen and stood for inclusion, for diversity and equity, accessibility…
but you want to make sure you’re doing it in a way that’s authentic, and doesn't just feel performative. You want to do it in a way that works, and isn't just part of the problem! 
But if you’re being really honest here, a part of you feels like even though you’re trying, you’re unsure you’re doing everything you could be… and you’re sick of it turning into just another thing on your business to-do list.
You’re sick of the BS and the smoke and mirrors of online marketing. You want ACTUAL change in a way that feels good to you, aligns with your values, and you want to KNOW you’re
doing the work.
You want: 


1. A business that feels authentically YOU

2. Strategies that honor the person in front of you

3. To grow your business without manipulating others

Because you believe people are more than just dollar signs
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Because the reality is:

Inclusion without accessibility 

isn’t actually inclusive.

You’re committed to being an inclusive business owner, and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. You want your people to feel seen, welcome, and safe  in your space.


But there’s a big piece of this puzzle that’s still missing in order to be truly inclusive for all.




ac-ces-si-ble    adjective

Capable of being used, seen, and understood by all
I’m here to guide you in making sure you’re building a business that ensures access for all.

Access to Impact builds an accessible business strategy that allows you to:

Be inclusive to 100% of your audience instead of just 20%
leadership as
an early adopter
Experience business growth without resorting to inauthentic and gross sales strategies
Finally be able to have the impact you're hoping for while also making money

There's a BIG difference between just another marketing course and a marketing course that's going to show you how to center people + maximize impact!

This is the ONLY marketing course available for coaches, consultants, and course creators that will teach you universal design. Outside of this program you would need to pay thousands of dollars to hire an accessibility expert like myself to get inside your business, go through every single detail, and tell you what you need to change. (Just FACTS! Not a sales gimmick)
Sure, if you wanna do that, you can. But at the end of the day I created this program because I want to fully empower you to not only know how to make your business accessible but how to maintain this as your business grows and expands.
Outside Sitting (

I know you want to be able to market your
business and know you're reaching as many people as you possibly can.

The problem is...
  • You lack a strategy for effectively reaching and attracting them
  • You lack the expertise for making your business totally accessible to your vibrant, diverse audience
And there’s a lot that goes into making a business accessible - not only your branding, but your website, messaging, programs, and more. Even just the thought of diving in and tackling this on your own leaves you feeling incredibly overwhelmed and has your head freaking spinning. And you might be convinced you have to potentially completely redo every single thing in your business that you just spent the last [insert years here] creating.
Sure you have some clients and made some sales. You’ve seen firsthand the impact what you offer can have on people. You’ve seen it literally change lives. But you also know you’re able to have a significantly greater impact than you’re having right now. You don’t want to just help a handful, 10, or 20 people at a time. You want to be able to help hundreds or thousands.
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That's where I come in and show you exactly how

 I’ve been creating accessible spaces for 6+ years now and I can tell you for a fact it is the key to unlocking big impact. And I want to teach you everything I know so you can do this on your own and leverage the power of accessibility in your business.


A2I Logo.png
A program designed to make all aspects of your marketing accessible (from your branding, to your positioning, to copywriting, and more) so you can finally have the impact you desire and start expanding your business inclusively
relying on exclusive + inauthentic sales methods to do it.

It shows you how to build a business that is inclusive, sustainable, and impactful.

By using my Access-Centered Framework, you’ll build a marketing strategy that aligns with your values, resonates with the widest, most diverse audience, attracts clients otherwise forgotten, and makes scaling a business feel like a purpose again rather than a soul-sucking chore.
Best part: No more sleazy sales garbage.
A2I puts access at the center of every decision and intention at the forefront of action so you can say goodbye to tired, exclusive sales tactics that just aren’t you and focus your time + energy back on what you started your business for in the first place: people + impact.

Powerful Positioning

Only 2% of brands prioritize accessibility and inclusion in their business. If you’re going to be one of them, the world needs to know. That’s exactly why this very first section is focused on positioning yourself + your brand as an industry leader. 
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Community Building

You have an amazing, diverse audience. To build a truly engaged, loyal community (that actually buys), you first need to master creating an inviting space and curating content that resonates with all of them (not just a fraction). In this section we'll leverage the power of universal design to reach the widest audience possible, set yourself apart within your niche, and grab your dream clients' attention every single time.
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Strategize with Intention

Optimize your entire marketing strategy for maximum impact by establishing captivating, authentic brand trust in an accessible + inclusive way. Using the Access-Centered Framework you’ll build a marketing strategy that aligns with your values, build a back-end system made for everyone, and design a client experience that is simple, intuitive, and exciting (without the manipulative garbage).
Checklist Graphic.png

Using all these tools, you'll develop a sales strategy that  so you can reach your audience more authentically, make sales based on trust, and reach your goals at the same time. This section will have your community of clients that cannot wait to work with you.

Sales with Soul

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Why Access to Impact?

Learn how to build a FULLY inclusive business
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How to attract new followers that actually convert to paying clients… because your materials are accessible to 100% of your audience

Finally overcome the plateau and start growing your reach because your audience size just quadrupled thanks to your new strategies

No longer feel like your head is spinning not knowing where to start because you have an expert guiding you step by step

Avoid missing out on a huge chunk of your potential dream clients on day #1

Doesn't cost a fortune

Establish your leadership and join 2% of digital marketers taking advantage of a $1.6 billion market

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Everything you do should help you scale through access + impact...
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Hey there, I'm Katie,

your inclusive business + marketing guide.

I help everyday entrepreneurs just like you grow and scale their business by prioritizing people first, because you can grow and scale a business that's purposeful and profitable.

But as a fellow entrepreneur, I know it can feel impossible to do both. Especially in a digital marketplace full of ‘gurus’ touting sales strategies that serve only to exclude a huge portion of potential clients and resort to shady, manipulative methods to land sales from the rest.

Back in 2017 when I came to the online business industry, the first thing I noticed was how wildly inaccessible + exclusive it all was. Fast forward 6+ years working with corporate businesses as a consultant, I’ve seen firsthand the power of centering accessibility in your strategy. And I wanted to bring that same opportunity to the everyday entrepreneur (aka YOU).

Outside Laughing (compressed.jpg

That’s why I developed a system designed to teach you to do the same so you can reach your audience more authentically, make sales based on trust, and reach your goals at the same time.

Because it IS possible to make huge impact AND make a good living.

Who is The Access to Impact Accelerator For?

Service-based businesses and agencies

Coaches + consultants and online course creators wanting to monetize their expertise

Product or Service-based businesses of every size

Entrepreneurs + Influencers

Within seconds of enrolling in this program you’ll also get access to everything you need to begin leveraging the power of the Access-Centered Framework including:

  • 12+ video trainings 

  • 4 bonus guest video trainings by experts

  • 8+ worksheets/handouts

  • My list for the 5 best apps for adding accessibility features to content

  • The step-by-step guide to aligning your goals + centering all your people

  • My go-to resources for writing inclusive copy that resonates (and converts)

  • My list of 14 do's and don'ts for sales with soul

  • My cheat sheets for building on-brand, exciting + accessible platforms 

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A2I Tablet.png

*All videos include closed captioning and transcripts. All downloads have been vetted for screen reader and assistant tech compatibility*

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Enroll Today!


  • Lifetime Access to only Accessible Marketing Program Available

  • Regular updates to ensure you're always in the know 

  • Access to my LIVE community for added support and empowerment

3,6,12 mo


  • Lifetime Access to only Accessible Marketing Program Available

  • Regular updates to ensure you're always in the know 

  • Access to my LIVE community for added support and empowerment

For Only

Payment Plan

A2I Enroll

What is the time commitment? 

A2I is designed to be a 2-month program. There are four sections, each including weekly videos + training, downloads and materials to guide you along your way. We also do 4 1:1 deep dive sessions and 3 group meetups. Other than those scheduled sessions, the timeline of A2I is not rigid. You can move as quickly as you like and as slowly as your schedule allows. All the materials are lifetime access to facilitate your growth on your timeline! (Plus it's an accessibility win)

How is Access to Impact different?

I'm glad you asked! A2I is the ONLY program of its kind in the digital marketing space. Literally every other business marketing program out there will teach you how to position yourself in a niche, optimize social media, set up backend systems, and attract clients. And yes, this program does that too. But it will also show you how to do all that in a way more centered and strategic way so that you can resonate with a much wider audience. But the thing that sets A2I apart the most is the final stage where I hand over the exact step-by-step process for making ALL of that accessible to your entire audience so you convert more, start making more money, and grow your business!

I already run a successful business. Will this still be able to help me?

This program was actually built specifically for you! It will not only show you how to enhance the work you're already doing, I'm handing over the exact marketing & sales strategies that only 2% of businesses are incorporating to grow and scale faster and easier. The strategies in here aren't something you'll get anywhere else outside of hiring a wildly expensive corporate team to overhaul your whole biz (just truth). The things you'll learn in here are the culmination of years of personal experience as a disabled business owner, multiple degrees in this stuff + nearly 7 years of consulting businesses of every size! 


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