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The Inclusive and
Accessible Brand Bundle

Set yourself apart as an industry leader with strategies that honor and serve all humans.

Nurture Section

The Inclusive Brand

with Crystal Whiteaker

What's Included

Your Inclusive and Accessible Brand Bundle has a variety of resources and tools designed to guide you 

Accessibility and Your Biz

with Erin Perkins

Accessible Design Made Simple

with Katherine Lewis

Accessible Design Basics

The Quick-Fix Email Challenge

About Your Guides


Crystal Whiteaker

Crystal Whiteaker (she/her) is an Inclusive Branding and Leadership Development Consultant, and Author of Brave Leadership is a Choice: An Inclusive Guide to Creating Belonging. Crystal helps mission driven brands and leaders create inclusive, human-focused, values-aligned environments. Crystal brings 20 years of practical, creative, relational, process driven experience across multiple industries. She is a self-described "corporate trained, creative hippie” and has been honored as the 2024 Empowerment Leader of the year by BRA Network.

Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a champion for disability rights and an entrepreneur promoting accessibility and inclusiveness. As a deafblind woman, she founded Mabely Q, an independent online business. Erin also serves as a speaker and educator. Her unique experiences foster genuine inclusion, empowering people with disabilities. With Erin's guidance, businesses embrace diversity and unlock the potential of every individual.

Katherine Lewis

Katherine (she/her) is an accessibility expert and mentor for conscious brands, designers, and DIYers. She guides everyday industry leaders to leverage the power of accessibility in their design, marketing, and strategy to serve their communities better, align fully with their values, and grow easier. She believes in creating a future where everyone can thrive and is committed to meeting every business where they are along the journey.

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