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Disabled Hikers

Brand refresh and custom website for an award-winning outdoor social justice organization.

ID: A mood board with several photos of forests and disabled hikers. Overlayed is a color palette of green, orange, dark gray, blue, and yellow. In a box at the bottom, text reads "Natural, Vibrant; A nod to the outdoor environment we seek to create justice within.

Project Scope

A key update was a refresh of the brand aesthetic - from a simple and plain foundation to something fresh and with depth. Our aim was to pay homage to the natural space in a way that attracts and welcomes both the rich diversity of the disabled hiking community and its allies. We chose universal symbols for the outdoors like trees and mountains and combined them with an accessible font and color palette to fully embody the commitment to an inclusive future for all people.


Next, we focused on showcasing the mission with a fully customized site featuring thorough trail guides, a trail-finding map, and a hub for both hikers and allies to find resources and community. As a new non-profit, the goal was to continue empowering hikers, feature upcoming publications, and bring in much needed support in one seamless experience. To do so, we created a visitor journey that focused on self-identification and then directs them to pages related to their needs and goals. Along the way, we strategically placed messaging to help them get to know the organization, build trust, and empower them to take action. This includes everything from exploring our trail guides and discovering how the signature Spoon System works, to attending an event, donating, or signing up for regular updates. The ultimate goal was to ensure that no matter who visits the site, they are greeted with a vibrant, accessible space where they feel excited explore the outdoors and support the mission to make it inclusive to all.

A mockup of the Disabled Hikers About page

ID: A mockup of the Disabled Hikes About page.

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