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Accessible Business 101

A self-paced program designed to empower compassionate entrepreneurs to build and grow with accessibility in mind.

Camera and tablet sitting on vintage map. The tablet screen shows a workbook cover page "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Accessible Design"

We'll spend 4 weeks:

Digging into the nuance of human experience

Redefining accessibility and how it relates to business

Discovering the 6 areas of access needs and how to address them

Developing new and innovative approaches to bake accessibility into every part of your business

Program Roadmap

All sessions are live AND recorded.

Week 1

What is Accessible Business?

We'll explore how the modern definition of accessibility falls short, how it relates to the human-first business trend, and how to fill in the gaps

Week 2

Bridging the Gap

Learn the three essentials to bridging the access gap for yourself and your community of clients and how to use these principles to enhance the efforts you're already making

Week 3

Access to Impact

Discover personalized, creative strategies for folding accessibility into every corner of your business TODAY and begin your journey as one of only 2% of accessible businesses

Week 4

The Journey Ahead

We'll create your personalized action roadmap to continue putting everything you've learned to use in a way that makes sense for you and your business

What's Included:

A workbook to support continued exploration and brainstorming


3 recorded workshop sessions for community co-working


The Entrepreneur's Guide to Accessible Design


Accessible Marketing Guide


Resource Library


FREE Personalized Accessibility Audit with me

Mockup of a laptop, tablet, phone, and handouts related to the course.

Registration Options

Access of every kind is important. For me, that includes choice. Decide below what financial option fits best for your business and life.



includes all 3 workshops



per single session

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