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Custom brand and homepage for a growing inclusive social media marketing agency.

Access.Social Announcement.png

ID: A mood board with several retro photos. Overlayed is a color palette of black, teal, lavender, pink, and neon green. 

Project Scope

Dani came to me with a dream and a vision in desperate need of a brand that matched. As a modern brand hoping to attract both young and seasoned clientele, it was important to create balance between boldness and professionalism. We chose to combine sleek black with bright, fun colors and patterns as a creative bridge. Since Access.Social is a deeply web-based brand, we incorporated dots into the overall aesthetic to pay tribute to its online mission as well as the wheels of Dani's wheelchair. It was important to honor disability identity and access throughout.

So, of course as we moved onto the web design, we wanted to create a space where all users could enjoy the excitement and have a great experience too. Access.Social is a rapidly growing brand committed to bridging the disability gap for modern brands. So creating a 1-page strategy that would inspire action was  quite the undertaking. To deliver, we personalized the page by telling visitors what Access.Social does, telling Dani's amazing story, and showcasing her unique suite of services. We also chose to appeal to the caring nature of Dani's target market in our introduction and create a place for them to take swift, decisive action.

ID: A mockup of the Access.Social homepage. It has bright colors and dotted patterns.

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