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ATTN: Professionals of ALL abilities!

Ready to Make a Living + Do What You Love WITHOUT Giving Up Flexibility, Accessibility, or Your Wellbeing?






A 6-month training program designed to walk you through every step of starting and growing your own business.

Whether you're an established small-business owner stuck in the hustle or brand new and don't know where to begin, The Able Entrepreneur shows you how to build your brand, pitch yourself and your ideas, and create a sustainable, accessible career from the ground up - so you can take back control and forge your own path!

Who It's For

Prospective disabled small-business owners who are ready to bring their ideas to life (and HOW to do it)

Budding small-business owners currently spinning their wheels and overworking trying to get started, and struggling to piece it all together.

Anyone who's had their career affected or ended due to disability or chronic condition and wondering "what next?"

How It Works

The Able Entrepreneur is a 6-month journey of discovery and action delivered through a series of modules in written, video, and audio formats.* Although the program can be completed in this (or less) time, you will have access for 1 year. This provides for a self-paced approach as you make progress, discover big, and interact with fellow students on the same journey as you.


Along the way, you will also receive regular feedback from me during our weekly coaching sessions, where you'll have unique access to brainstorm and problem-solve. I will guide you as you work through assignments designed to help you prepare for, thrive in, and build the fabulous career you deserve.

*Closed captioning provided. If you have additional accessibility requirements, please reach out at

Want to know more?
Visit the program outline here.

Meet Your Coach


I'm Katherine, a musician, advocate, and career-creating genius! After disability ended my career as an Army musician (yes, that's a thing), I had no idea what to do next. 

Nothing had prepared me for life with a disability, much less how to navigate the modern workforce with one. I spent two years having the doors to accessible employment slammed in my face and I was fed up!

In my search for the answer, I found more problems than solutions. Even as a highly-qualified candidate, the job market was all of a sudden more complicated, less accessible, and resources limited. And those those that DID exist fell short of what I really needed. 

The Able Entrepreneur Header Background.

If this sounds familiar...

You probably

  • Know what it's like to have your career affected or ended because of a disability or chronic condition 

  • Feel stuck in a workforce designed against you but don't know what other options are out there, or where to begin

  • Have an amazing product or service to bring the world, but either don't have the know-how to launch it or haven't even discovered it yet

I've been there!

I know what it's like to be at the chasm of "what now?"

I have felt discouraged, frustrated, and stuck.

I have been denied jobs, lost jobs, and walked away from jobs because I believed there was no other way.

Employment with disabilities was a myth. 

Here’s the thing…The folks telling you that you’re not allowed, you can’t, or you shouldn’t are WRONG! (yes even if you're the one saying them to yourself).

I finally realized I was not my limitation. 

I had the power to take back control and demand better

CREATE better.

I finally said "Enough" and decided to CREATE the opportunities I was being denied. I mastered the art of self-advocacy and negotiation, became an expert in workplace DEI standards, and developed solutions where before there were none.

And I built a career I love in the process. 


I'm on a mission to make employment possible (and accessible) for all at EVERY stage of their career and lives!


By taking the guesswork out of the process, my goal is to ensure you find, keep, and enjoy the work you do - and together change the future of accessible living! 

The Investment




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