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Calling all employers, businesses, and organizations!

Accessible & inclusive workplaces and brands are possible - and they're yours to create!

The truth is....

Most have no idea where to start. 
They get stuck and overwhelmed trying all the wrong things. 

The #1 mistake I see: an unclear picture of what 'accessible & inclusive' even means.

Many employers I've worked with believe having ramps to buildings, captioning for videos, and an ADA policy means they're accessible and inclusive to persons with disabilities. 


And they trust that hiring and occasionally featuring persons with disabilities makes them inclusive.


But TRUE accessibility and inclusion goes far beyond... And it's time we stepped up to the plate.  

Ready to become truly accessible & inclusive?

Are you wondering

What it means to create an accessible and inclusive space for disabled people?

What to do (and not do) to make it happen?

How to navigate the complex variety of accessibility needs?

I'm glad you asked!

First things first: what is accessibility (and what is it not)?

Accessibility/Inclusion Is:

  • Asking rather than assuming our needs and abilities (we've got a TON to offer)

  • A willingness to get creative to meet those needs, and including us in that process (where there's a will, there's a way)

  • Ensuring proper representation of disabled people (and yes, there's a wrong way to do it)

  • Awareness of and use of inclusive language, as well as policies that address it (hint: ask)

  • Robust support and empowerment of people with disabilities

Accessibility/Inclusion Is NOT:

  • Guessing and avoiding conversation around needs (disability isn't BAD. Stop making it awkward.)

  • Adopting a 'we tried' approach to meeting accommodation needs (it's a weak excuse)


  • Falling victim to tokenistic inclusion practices (it's not hard to avoid) 


  • Excluding disability language and inclusion policies in written form (again, hint: ask)

  • Anything less than fully adopted accessibility/inclusion practices

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Let us help you get there!

Schedule a consult today

What's Included:


  • Full assessment current materials, platforms, policies, and practices for accessibility and inclusion

  • Detailed report with personalized recommendations

  • Actionable, step-by-step strategies in a few key areas to be made immediately

  • Clear plan for moving forward, should we work more closely

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